12-Week-Old Kitten Brutalised And Left On Street – Fights For Its Life

12-Week-Old Kitten Brutalised And Left On Street – Fights For Its Life

It always hurts and reading about a new case of animals being mistreated by humans almost makes you sick.

For me it is inexplicable why some people are not able to treat all animals and humans with respect.

This is what happened, once again, in the following case in Australia, which is simply staggering.

There, a cat was found on the open road, which had previously been severely abused and was about to lose its life. For this reason, she had to be taken to a vet as soon as possible.

Someone apparently wanted the 12-week-old cat named Rupert to die alone on the street.

Fortunately, however, she was discovered in time and taken to a veterinary clinic.

There it was found that Rupert had suffered a severe head injury, several serious body injuries and two broken legs as a result of the severe abuse, The Sun wrote.

Due to his poor health, the cat had to undergo emergency surgery.

A Facebook post by the veterinary clinic is now asking for financial support to cover the costs of Rupert’s treatment.

“Rupert has been through way too much considering he is only 12 weeks old,” the clinic continues to write.

“That’s why this cat desperately needs our help and yours.”

Therefore, a donation page has been set up for the young cat, where you can donate for Rupert and thus cover the treatment costs.

And it was a complete success.

The veterinary clinic was able to raise almost double the amount they originally needed.

Rupert is on the road to recovery

Although Rupert is still in the veterinary clinic, the doctors hope that he will soon have recovered and that a home can be found for him.

“Let us show little Rupert that there is a life without violence, and let us accompany him together on the long road to recovery,” the clinic writes further.

Rupert is due to have another operation on 15 June, but his doctors say that this time it will not be as dramatic as the first. In addition, they promise to post more updates about the hangover on social media.

Meanwhile, the search continues for the suspect or suspects responsible for this cruel act.

We send Rupert lots of strength and best recovery wishes and hope that he will be well soon.

Hoa Van

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