‘American Idol’ Winner Iam Tongi Stuns With Soul-Stirring Cover of ‘Amazing Grace’

‘American Idol’ Winner Iam Tongi Stuns With Soul-Stirring Cover of ‘Amazing Grace’

“American Idol” season 21 winner, Iam Tongi, has stunned the world with his talent while capturing the hearts of the judges and viewers of the singing competition. The young man from Hawaii continuously wowed judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan throughout the season. However, before Tongi’s breakout run on the show, he once posted singing covers to his YouTube channel, including his beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

In the video that was posted in 2021, Tongi is seen singing the classic hymn while playing guitar on a bench. He is accompanied by another singer, Eta Lauti. The pair showcased their incredible voices while the video showed different photos and scenes from films featuring Jesus Christ. The comments are flooded with praise, one saying “Best version of Amazing Grace I have ever heard.” Another commenter wrote, “The most beautiful rendition I have ever heard. Brought me to tears. Next time I see my 92 year Mom, I am going to play this for her.” A third user added saying, “Holy Holy Holy. Voices of Angels singing, and their harmony is flawless. I would love to hear more, more and more!!!!!”


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