Little Werewolf Dog’s Perfect Halloween Smile

Little Werewolf Dog’s Perfect Halloween Smile

You probably have not met Darla if you do not think werewolves exist.

Darla often smiles, which is all it takes for her to change from a cute, scruffy dog to a frightful, wolf-like creature suited for Halloween.

Ashley Lamping-Conard, Darla’s mother, said: “She makes that face whenever she wants you to throw or give her her Lamb Chop toy. She’s addicted to fetching them.”

There is no need to be terrified of the little werewolf who attracts attention on the street. Conard remarked, “She’s pretty timid when she meets someone new. She’s also only 5 pounds, so she’s not too intimidating.”

After Hurricane Harvey, Darla was discovered lost in the Texas streets and ended up in a shelter. A picture of the unusual dog was shared on Facebook by Conard’s aunt, who works as a volunteer for a humane society.

“My husband and I fell in love immediately … we’d never seen a dog like her,” Conard said. “We reached out to my aunt to set up a time to go meet her, and she was just the sweetest little girl.”

Fortunately, Darla’s comically cruel appearance does not reflect who she is. “Darla is super playful,” according to Conard. “If there’s a toy around, she will make you play fetch with her for hours.”

Since she stole a Lamb Chop toy from her Chihuahua brother, Darla has become obsessed with them. Her parents began buying her a themed Lamb Chop for each holiday throughout the year after realizing how much she adored the toy. The puppy now has a sizable collection.

The only time Darla is not beaming is when she seeks solace from her parents.

“She’s a huge snuggler,” according to Conard. “If she’s not playing with her lambs, she’s trying to find the comfiest spot to cuddle up in — which is usually very close to my face.”

This year, Darla will be herself for Halloween while the parents will likely wear costumes.


Hoa Van

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