WATCH: Boys fight off HUGE snake as it attempts to EAT their pet dog

WATCH: Boys fight off HUGE snake as it attempts to EAT their pet dog

Dramatic footage shows the giant serpent wrapped around the whimpering dog’s lower body and hind legs as it attempts to run away.

The distraught pet can be heard yelping as the snake tightens its grip.

The eldest of the three boys can first be seen using a metal pole to pin down the reptile’s head while two other boys create a distraction by pelting it with sticks and large leaves.

After their initial strategy fails to free the stricken pet, the group desperately grab the snake with their bare hands and attempt to uncoil it.

The boys turn the dog’s body from side to side to help throw off the snake but only manage to tear part of the serpent away from their dog.

The youngsters can be seen pulling from both ends of the snake as it thrashes around, determined to cling on to its prey.

They eventually gain the upper hand and their efforts succeed as the dog manages to scramble free.

The canine appeared dazed but unharmed by the attack though the fate of the snake is not known.

The video of the boys’ brave intervention has been widely shared on Chinese Chinese music video platform and social network TikTok but it is unclear where it took place.

At the end of the clip, the eldest boy can be seen holding up the squirming snake, which is longer than he is tall.

Earlier this year, footage from Brazil emerged showing a huge snake wrapping itself around a helpless dog before pulling the canine underwater.

Shocked locals can be seen rushing to the aid of the dog and dragging the long serpent from the river.

As a group of men try to untangle the snake, another grabs a pole and begins hitting the snake.

And after taking several huge blows, the animal finally gives up and frees the dog from its clutch.


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