When milkmen delivered: Lost jobs of yesteryear

When milkmen delivered: Lost jobs of yesteryear

Hey there, nostalgia lovers! We’ve got an exciting trip down memory lane for you today as we dive into some quirky jobs that, believe it or not, no longer exist. You might find yourself chuckling at the oddity of these professions or nodding in agreement, reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

Our journey starts with the Milkman, once as common as the mailman. They’d deliver fresh milk, eggs, and butter right to your doorstep. But as household refrigerators became popular, this profession faded away.

From elevator operators, who controlled everything from the doors to the speed of the elevator, to the “hackers” of yesteryear, who were actually woodcutters, these jobs have been replaced by technology. And who can forget the linotype operators, who used the hot metal typesetting system to produce daily newspapers before phototypesetting took over?

In our video from MadlyOdd, you’ll also discover the “Gandy Dancer” – a railroad worker who maintained tracks before machines took over – and the door-to-door chimney sweeps known as “knellers.” Plus, you’ll learn about the curious job of a “computer” – a person who calculates figures and crunches numbers all day long by hand.

We’ll cover so many more odd jobs that are now just memories, like bowling alley pin setters, switchboard operators, and town criers. The video even reveals the origin of the term “badger” – middlemen at the farmer’s market with persistent sales tactics!

Get ready to laugh, reminisce, and be amazed by the fascinating world of lost professions. Take advantage of these unique insights because you’ll have plenty of quirky facts to share with your friends and family.

So, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and enjoy this nostalgic journey. And if you love what you see, be sure to like and share the video because who wouldn’t love a blast from the past?



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